EXPAND: Zaria Forman

Zaria Forman is an artist.

She’s not just any artist with a canvas and a brush. Zaria uses her fingers to paint ultra-realistic scenes of sea and ice.

Zaria Forman painting

Educated at Skidmore College, Zaria’s works depict the chilling effects of climate change. Each pastel piece takes more than a month to complete, and her journey as an artist was inspired by her mother. Her late mother wanted to travel to Greenland to produce art pieces inspired by its natural geography, but failed to make the journey due to a brain tumour that claimed her life in 2011. Zaria eventually completed the journey with funds raised through a Kickstarter campaign.

We’ve included two other amazing pieces by Zaria below. Interested parties may access this page to purchase her works. A portion of sale proceeds for each piece also goes to 350.org, an organisation that focuses on environmental campaigning.



Follow Zaria on her Instagram.


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  1. I am completely amazed by seeing her paintings! Truly a gifted artist she is, Thank you so much for sharing this :)


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