LISTEN: Dirty Loops

Once in a while, a band comes along.

This band doesn’t just reproduce the songs on the radio; they completely remake it to the point that you would be hard-pressed to call it a mere “cover”.


Dirty Loops is a not a one-man band (Read: Maroon 5).

Jonah Nilsson, on keyboard and vocals, is effortlessly smooth in his twisted delivery of the lyrics. Henrik Linder makes the bass an actual better substitute for the electric guitar. Aron Mellergardh wraps their music up in a pretty package of unusual beats that take the song to a whole new level unheard of in radio pop.

We love how Dirty Loops never fails to surprise us. Even for pop-personified songs like “Circus” by Britney Spears, they still manage to work their magic.

And for us, that’s the mark of a great band.

Buy their latest album Loopfied

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