WATCH: iPhones And Illusions

Marco Tempest is a magician.

He uses iPhones to spin a tale of deception, art, and emotion.


Tempest’s tale was outwardly tongue-in-cheek, yet painfully true upon a deeper realisation. We may not consider ourselves liars, but the little white lies add up over time.

“That dress is gorgeous.”

“You look amazing.”

The brain is very good at forgetting. Bad experiences are quickly forgotten. Bad experiences quickly disappear. Which is why in this vast and lonely cosmos, we are so wonderfully optimistic. Our self-deception becomes a positive illusion — why movies are able to take us onto extraordinary adventures;why we believe Romeo when he says he loves Juliet; and why single notes of music, when played together, become a sonata and conjure up meaning.

The original video was taken from TED

Featured image credit


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