PHOTOGRAPHY: The Best Of Yesterday

It isn’t true that new is always better.

We pored through old photographs, forgotten bundles and curated five pictures that show us exactly why.

yesterday 1
Örebro, Örebro, Vintrosa, Närke, Övrigt-Vägar
Jönköping, Gnosjö, Kävsjö, Småland, Miljöer-Odlingslandskap
SFFf-1989091.0B 050
yesterday 7Source

1. Our dreams sometimes appear distant.

2. Remember that you still have a life on the ground; the ducks need to be fed.

3. Our best escape comes from the medicine of Nature.

4. Perhaps we need divine intervention; a Lord’s prayer said on bended knees.

5. If the ship had long sailed by then, will we accept it as fate? 


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  1. I’ll follow your twitter because I’m trying to organize my “following” into one website that I can check for updates. I haven’t started following blogs because I have to try to get the hang of things. I hope its ok with you. :)


  2. This is wonderful! The technique of a picture story with a strong message is interesting. It must have taken a long time to choose a suitable collage of photos to make this reflective post.


    • Yes, we like to focus on combining quality pictures with simple, reflective paragraphs. We find that it makes for easy reading, yet offers the platform for people to reflect a little more if they’re interested.

      Please do follow us if you would like to see more of such things :) Have a great day!


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