The pictures of Liis Klammer caught our eye as we were looking through Flickr.

We’ve included a short story, split up into smaller paragraphs beneath each picture, that we very much hope you’ll enjoy.

photos LK 4

If the path ahead is fraught with hardships and the picture is bleak, do I continue treading the roads that are overflown with snow, or should I give up and turn back? 

photos LK

“Look,” I said to the imaginary companion beside me, “the fields are barren.”
He turned to me, while still bounding cheerfully ahead, “But do you not see the rainbow that cracks the sky into two?” 

photos LK 5

The sky is as blue and the fields as green as they  could possibly be. But the road I walk is lonely and dotted with rough stones that tear my flesh apart each time I fall. 

photos LK 2

I reach the end of the road, and am confronted with the sea, a choppy sea. I sigh to myself.
“I can’t swim.” 

photos LK 6

A carefree shout to the right catches my attention. “Why am I so afraid of the sea, and of drowning, when the people on the sands dare float so easily on it? ”
He points to my waist.
“They wear rubber floats around their waists, and there is always a mother’s watchful eye around. You on the other hand, are without help, and alone in your journey. ” 

photos LK 3

I reach another field, but this time, the  flowers are in bloom and I reach down  to run my hands through the fresh petals.  I feel a new burst of energy and determination,  and even the forest up ahead no longer looks intimidating.

photos LK 7

This is the third field that I have seen throughout my journey.
There is no pain  in my heart, nor regret. 

You see that little house in the distance? That’s mine.
I walk these fields everyday, smiling at the littlest  insects that scurry around and the birds that never seem to stop coming even after I had put up a scarecrow earlier on Monday.

Liis is the first photographer to be featured in our magazine.

We couldn’t choose our favourite photographs, so we had to select based on themes instead.

She is only 23 years old, but her photographs are visually stunning and simple at the same time. Liis’ pictures focus on a central object, and invite the viewer to take a closer look at it.t

Follow Liis’ journey on Flickr



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