READ: The Friday Reflections (II)

A collection of independent thoughts

1. As if staring intently at the singular blade of grass could make it grow; as if time would pass any faster that way. 

2. There is no clothing to be folded or put away, no articles to be written, no buses to catch; no rush, no urgency, no hurry.

3. Patience is when you are able to sit by yourself on a bench and not feel the need to look at the mobile phone in your hand. There is no anxious looking up to see if the receptionist for the clinic has arrived, or if the ‘closed’ sign had somehow flipped to ‘open’ in the five seconds that your eyes left the scene.

4. The enjoyment of life is the ability to take a cup of coffee away and not feel compelled to finish it within the next hour. To be able to swirl the coffee around in your mouth and taste it; to understand how different the complex flavour of coffee with milk is with the bland acidity of its unsweetened black counterpart.

5. I think a lot of time has passed: I’ve written a poem, played a game on my iPhone, and shooed away a pigeon in ornithophobia induced fear. But half an hour has barely passed.

6. Impatience, impatience, impatience. We rush through so much of life that we forget to stop and take stock of our surroundings. The elderly man who drinks his morning coffee at 6am no longer sits at his usual bench at the void deck, but we probably never stopped long enough to notice.

7. The doors of the clinic open and I enter back into life.

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