In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Scale.”


I wanted a more unconventional take on The Daily Post challenge. Because this blog is more a literary journal than a photography one, I decided to use a free-to-use picture without copyright restrictions and focus on explaining how this particular photo represents the idea of Scale.

Two elements define Scale in this picture: the cub in the cage, and the photographer.

The majesty of the tiger is constrained by the metal wirings of the cage. What is and should have been a wild, prowling beast has been confined to a bare, brown-soiled floor. The scale of the tiger’s awe has been artificially compressed down to little more than a caged exhibit.

The silent photographer is also an interesting figure to observe. Scale: the lone human against the fearsome tiger. Was the photographer inside or outside of the cage? That would have determined the scale of his/her courage.

What of the contrast between each of the tiger cub’s two eyes? The eye on the left has a muted fury, a complete opposite to the meekness portrayed in the eye on the right. Even within the tiger itself, there is a range on the scale of emotions; from quiet anger to subservient fear.



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  1. Such a great post in so many ways. Beautiful how you managed to showcase all those different ‘angles’ of scale!


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