SW_Sam Ciurdar


This series of six photographs tell a sequential story about the theme of Happy Times.

Photo #1: Two people often start off as friends. A simple, casual friendship; the occasional cup of coffee, but nothing more.

Photo #2: Things progress to the next level. Attendance at music festivals, along with a familiar group of hipster friends, is now the norm.

Photo #3: Love steps into the picture. They begin to do graffiti on pebbled pavements, inscribing their initials and carving out their names into things that will last long even after they’re gone.

Photo #4: The duo hold hands atop a high hill, and shout loudly, their voices bellowing and echoing and reverberating through the air. They are carefree.

Photo #5 and #6: But even amidst relationships, learn to take time off for yourself. Venture out into deeper forests, and inhale the scent of freedom. Gather strength from nature; the flora and fauna. Tilt your face up to the sky and see how small your problems are compared to the vastness of the world. And after you learn that, nothing will be impossible.

All you have to do is leap.

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