UPDATE: Twitter

Hello all! It’s been really great curating and writing about the many different things on TEM. We’ve enjoyed the experience very much, and it’s also extremely heartwarming to see people liking our posts and following the blog.

We’ve created a Twitter account over @editorsmag. Over there, it’s not going to be just a replication of this site. We only post once a day on this WordPress, but we can definitely share, retweet and communicate with you guys a lot more over on Twitter. So that’s one thing we’re really looking forward to from this mid-February onwards.

Also, we’re looking to grow the site! If you know of anyone or anything that’s really amazing and you think deserves to be featured, then please get in touch with us: contact.editorsmag@gmail.com. Alternatively, simply leave a comment below. If we do eventually write about it, due credit will be given to you at the end of the post.

We’re also opening up the site for external contributions similar to the style of TEM. Simply drop an email to us with the article attached, and we’ll be in touch to discuss publication rights and other administrative stuff.

Other than that, we want to reemphasise again that it’s been real fun writing for this site. We genuinely see a future for TEM and we hope you share in that future with us.

With love,
The Editor + team

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