PHOTOGRAPHY: Today Is Poignant

Remember today, for today is poignant.







This series of photographs is intended to reflect the idea of poignancy, and of silent remembrance.

Photo #1: The old, beat-up car has outlived your father.

Photo #2: If the woman you love leaves now, are you certain of her return?

Photo #3: Perhaps hearing the sound of gentle waves lapping against the rocks were a favourite date activity in the past. You are now standing atop those same rocks, but this time, you are alone.

Photo #4: The attic where you used to play with your brothers and sisters has fallen into ruin, just like the strained relationships between you siblings now.

Photo #5: Notice how the chair at the forefront seems to stand out? It is strikingly, and blatantly empty; just like the lost presence of a once revered colleague or boss, who was at the same time, your best friend.

Photo #6 and #7: These two photographs are intended to wrap up this series in a positive light. Both pictures convey the idea of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel that you’ve been walking, perhaps for far too long.

There is a vibe of positivity embedded in these photos. It doesn’t strike you at first glance; but just like life, you sometimes need to look a little harder to find that shred of goodness.

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